Welcome to LifeTwo

Simon Winstanley's 'Social Network'


...You've found one of my hidden 'Easter Eggs'!

In the Science Fiction book 'Rez Point', Life Two was a vast and virtual world.

This is the real-world prototype of the LifeTwoMe app... 

Can I really join?


It can't replace Facebook, but it's a useful backup.

It's also a less noisy place.
No adverts. No click monitoring. Just a place to connect.

Create your own profile, invite others, send messages,
it's up to you. 
Just be patient and considerate to everyone - think 'Enlightened Star Trek' sensibilities and you'll be fine.

Member #1

This is just getting started. So if you join and the only other person on the network is me, then double-congratulations: you were the first to find this!

Maybe see you inside Life Two...

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